Thursday, July 6, 2017

videos from ensenada, mx july 3 2017

I am happy!!

This was a week... well what do i start with. 

This last week, the family that we have been teaching didnt go to church, and they just kinda disappeared. So that was scary. 

After doing some follow - up we found out that Alberto, the one that uses the wheel chair, fell from his chair and got really hurt. He fell backwards, and that is why they didnt come to church. 

This week... THEY ALL WENT. 
M., the great gma.
E., the gma.
A., the dad.
Y., the grand daughter.
F., the grand son.
and Z., the grand daughter.

Yup. We are taking 4 generations to church. But its awesome. 
And, 4 of them have a baptismal date for 2 weeks!
Actually, that was a fun experience. 

We had noticed that Alberto wasnt reading the Book of Mormon how we had invited him to. so, we decided to teach the Restoration again. As we were teaching, you could tell that he had something with modern day prophets, and randomly he just asks, ´´What is the evidence of this Joseph Smith?´´ Bingo.

We now knew why he wasnt reading. With all the spirit we could muster, we testified of the truthfullness of the prophet Joseph Smith, and we were able to testify about the Book of Mormon. 
Ya know how sometimes the spirit will tell you ´´hey you shouldnt be here, this is a bad place to be´´. 

Well, thta was one of those situations where you can just sit back and listen to the spirit say, It is good for us to be here.

We were able to have a similar experience with another young couple that are going to get baptized this next week. 


Also, we moved to a different house, so ill shoot yall some fotos of the new crib this next week. 

Listen to the spirit, Its just the best. REally. 

Con mucho amor, Elder $coubes

Photos from July 3 2017, ensenada Mexico

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pictures june 2017 Ensenada, Mexico with elder Evans

Ensenada, Mexico june 2017


Okay, where do we start. 

Well, im just kinda gonna jump around the thoughts as they come.

This week we have been all over the place. 

At one point this week, we went to work with the Elders in the Lomitas Ward. And, we went to see the family that got baptized after i tripped outside their house!! I hadnt seen them since the day i fell, and Elder Rogrigues contacted them. 

Also, this week we have been teaching a family. Grandma, son, and 2 grandkids. We taught a powerful lesson about the Restoration, and then we invited them to church. They said that they would love to come, but Alberto, the son, couldnt sit for a long time. 
The thing is, Alberto is paralized. And so apperantly, when you sit for a long time, the skin where you are sitting loses cirtulation, and so litterally it starts to rot. When you are paralized, you dont feel that kinda thing. So for the last 5 years, they have been working to get it to heal. 
When they told us that that was why they couldnt go to church, i just felt the spirit say, ¨heal him¨. I remembered in John 9 verses 1 through 3 where it tells us that there are infirmities, so that the power of God can be made manifest. 

So, I gave him a blessing, saying that acording to their faith and their desire, the sores would be healed so that they could go to church. 

Sunday morning, we passed for them, and we went to church. While waiting for the services to start, the mom, Ester, leaned over and thanked me. I cluelessly said, youre welcome. SHe then explained that, the day after we left, the very next morning, when she went to help Alberto get started for the day, she checked the sores, and they had stopped bleading, and for the first time in years, there was progress. THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL. And it is for everyone that is illing to obey.

They are progressing, and in the next few weeks they will be baptized. 

We are also moving houses, cause we have had a lot of problems with the water. So we are now living with the Elders of Chapultepec. So welll have to see how that goes...

all is well friends. Time is winding down. Just giving it all!!!

I love you all!! Hope you all have a great week!!
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

also, the mail box in california no longer works, due to the change of mission presidents. So... sad. ni modo.