Friday, October 2, 2015

From Robyn (mom)
Well we really miss our son.  he has been gone two weeks now.  Keir wears his old Elder Scoubes name tag under his ties.   Thursdays have become our new favorite day as we anticipate email from our Elder.  The weirdest thing.  When i clean off the dining room table it stays clean.  No motorcycle helmets, or keys, or soccer paraphernalia,  or back packs, or anything else piles up everyday.  There aren't 6 pairs of shoes strung randomly throughout the house.  I'm stumped as to why? :)  I still haven't cleaned his room.  It is in the exact condition as the day he packed and left.  It needs a once over.  I need to put away the things he wants saved for when he returns and remove all the things he no longer needs or wants.  My son hasn't been known for his organizational skills but I am betting the mission and it's way of life will change that.  I have sent off a boy and expect to get back a man ready to take on his own life.

I have accepted that he will never really return to us.   He will come back but (hopefully) only to springboard on to his own path.  Maybe to BYU Idaho maybe on to somewhere else.  I got to be his mom for almost 19 years but he will never really need me again in the same way.  Its the way it is supposed to be and I am thrilled for him and the opportunities he will have and is setting up for himself.  I'm proud of my son.  So So proud.  The memories of young Trevor are mine, those he is making now are his, and one day the memories of adult Trevor will belong to someone else.  I am grateful for the time I had and will always be here for him and always be his mom.

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