Sunday, October 11, 2015

From Robyn
This last post from Trevor was an email sent to his father.  I have permission to post it here. (please read the below post firts)  As soon as Trevor mentioned Elders Hollands talk I was sure which one it was but quickly confirmed that it was the wonderful talk on MOTHERS.  Trevor had not sent me flowers or written me a formal note but it was as if he had just to know that he was affected by the talk on mothers.  It was enough because I had heard that talk too.  I was listening to it at the same time he was and I had heard the validations and encouragements and thanks to all mothers.  "you are doing better than you think".  Tender mercies sustain us and our effort to do the best we can.

Thank you Elder Holland.  Your talk has touched many lived and will forever do so to encourage women to keep going and to do all that they can and that in the end through the Saviors help it will be enough.   Our roles are sacred and each vital to the Lords plan of happiness

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