Friday, October 2, 2015

Sept 24. 1 week done

This has been the longest week of my life. So many orientations!! but i am loving every second. So just so you know, while i am here, i will be emailing on thursdays. The last few days have gone much faster. Once you get into a rhythm, it picks up. The language is coming! we have all looked back at our first week. It is crazy to see how much we have learned language wise! Remember when i told you about those elders that had to teach their third day at the mtc? Im going to take it one step further. We had to teach a full lesson, to an investigator, in spanish. It was the hardest thing i have ever done. We had our last lesson with her yesterday, and we have enough spanish to dance around the main idea of the lesson, and we can bear our testimonies. I can fluently pray in spanish! but thats the easy part ;)

 Every day we get an hour of exercise. I love how we get to play whatever we want. Our zone leader, Elder Afflek, plays soccer for BYU! He is going to chile. I play with him every day. He asked what i was doing for college and i told him that i wanted to play soccer somewhere, and he suggested i come tryour for BYU! He said that i could practice with him when i get home. He is an amazing example for everyone in our zone. Elder Brock Brown is in my district! I am with him every day. My companion, Elder Slade, played volleyball in highschool. He is 6 foot 5 inches, and loves to share the gospel through testimony. Before he came, he was actually the number 2 mid blocker in all of arizona! hes really good, and we are already best friends. We get along so well. I love it here, and i know that i will love it even more as iget into the field.

 Id like to share a quick experience with you. This past week, we had the opportunity to teach a sister (a real investigator). She came with her mom, who is lds, and we had an opportunity to answer her questions. She talked about how she left the church because her dad died and it was really hard for her. There was probable 30 of us all in a room with her. As we were answering her questions, i was praying for revelation of what this sister needed to hear. I was thinking about what i could possibly say to help this sister, and then a thought crossed my mind. And when it did, my whole body was overcome with the spirit. I dont even know. It is so hard to explain. I was afraid to talk, but i knew that if i opened my mouth, the Lord would fill it with his words. I raised my hand, she called on me and i spoke. I asked, ¨sister, do you know why your mother and all of us here are so persistend when talking about the gospel?´´ she replied that she didnt really know. and then the words came, ´´ we are so persistand because we know with surety what this gospel can do to your life.´´ it caught her off guard. she looked puzzled, and then looked down, pondering. I explained that, since we have the gospel in our lives, we can testify of how much it would change hers. other went on talking, and after we were done and she had left, one of the sisters in our zone came up to me and thanked me. she said that she knew that that is what the sister needed to feel.

I am greatful for the opportunity i have to be a vessel of the Lord. Any time, any place, if we have good intentions, and we have the spirit with us, he will speak. He just uses our mouths to do it. I know that the Lord knows each of us individually, and he helps us in every single way that we let him. All he wants is for us to forsake our nets, as peter the great apostle did, and follow him. Quoting Jeffery R. Holland. ´´Jesus said to Peter, ´Do you love Me?´ peter answered ´yea Lord´ our savior and redeemer then replied, ´Then Feed My Sheep.´ I know that i am supposed to be here, and i miss you all daily! I am greatful for prayers. Please help me in praying for the gift of tounges. One week down! 

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. i apolagize for the grammer mistakes, i am literally forgeting how to spell and speak english. Its awesome.

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