Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trevor to Jess

Trevor to his sister Jessica (shared with permission)
To Jess
Im so glad to hear that things are going better!! I know that they will continue to get better. That is so awesome that you are going to be a VP and someday in the Presidency for the Crew!! Haha whatever. People are asking for my email? I hope you give it to them cause I love hearing from home. After all this studying, I love to hear from home. I did some math... I study for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I have been here almost 6 weeks. I am doing 98 hours of study a week (thats 4 full days of non stop), and I have done a total of almost 600 hours of study. Holy crap. The language has come soo far, but now it is getting harder. I wish I had payed attention in school! ugh haha. Tell me more about how things are going on at home!!!!!!!!! Like play by play what is happening. I need a break from this study. On a seperate note, I get to play soccer and ultimate frisbee every day and it is awesome. We get an hour of gym time. I leave on Monday morning at 3am! My plane leaves at 7. It is crazy. In 5 short days I will be knocking doors! Trying to communicate, haha but I probably wont be able to speak to anyone for about a month. I hope by christmas i will be almost fluent! This time is flying, and I have learned that the harder I work, the faster the time goes. Help mom and dad with family study. I never had this study in my life, and I now regret the opportunity i had at home to do it. It took me flying to a different country to figure it out. So learn now! I miss you so much, and I pray for each of the fam members individually ever single prayer I say. Tell me more about what is going on at home. I love you. 
con amor, Elder Scoubes
p.s. I NEED YOU TO KEEP A LIST ON YOUR PHONE OR SOMETHING OF ALL THE NEW MUSIC I NEED TO LISTEN TO WHEN I GET BACK. We found some tarzan on these computers, and holy cow after a month of NO music, It made me cry listening to it. I have a little notebook of things I want to do when I get home and I add more every day. We can do the list when I get home. Make a list too! Especially of new songs and stuff, cause I wont have any idea what came out over the past two years. Miss you tons.  elder Scoubes

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