Thursday, October 8, 2015

written by Trevor 10/8/2015

Hola mis amigos!

Whew... what a crazy week. We got a new batch of missionaries here! They all look so young, not sure why haha. I have had many opportunities to talk with my branch president while I have been our here. He is such an amazing man. He has taught me many things since being here. I would like to share one with you. 

This past week, I prayed before conference to help me know what I could do to become a more devoted person to his cause. I wanted to be better, and I knew that if I asked what to do, the Lord would show me. 

I wrote down every ounce of revelation that came to me over the conference. (Totaling in 41 pages of notes, in a slightly smaller journal i purchased here). I didnt have my prayer specifically answered. I couldnt find it. On Sunday night, we had a district devotional. Just an opportunity for us to talke about what we learned. As I was looking through my notes, thinking of what I could possibly share, I started seeing my answer. 

I wrote down a bunch of one-liners that I heard throughout the conference. And as I was combing my notes, I saw it. I wanted to know what I could do to be better, and the Lord told me. In almost every single talk, I had written part of my answer. 

I dont remember who these come from, but these are some of them. 

"The Lord's main goal is our progress." "We only fail when we fail to take another step forward." "What lack I yet?"

That last one put them all together. I need to fix the things in my life that I can, and then turn around and ask the Lord, "So what can I work on next?" If you think he will hold out on telling you what you can work on, you would be wrong. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that I needed to keep working on converting myself, and i have started doing that. Now, the part with Presidente Suazte (branch president). 

I got a prompting that I should talk to him about something. Not anything big, but something i could work on. I took the step of faith to talk to him, and boy was I blessed. He said, "Why are you telling me about this now? Why not when you were at home?" (again i promise its nothing big) I just came to the conclusion that, when I was at home, it seemed scary to me. Scary to admit that I was wrong, scary to go through repentance, scary to think what others might think or me. 

He then said something that changed my life. "Elder, why isnt it scary now?" I couldnt come up with an answer. I didnt know why it wasnt scary to me anymore, and I actually wanted to make everything right. 

Then he told me, "Elder, you have grown spiritually. And you are now able to see that repentance is here to bless us, and help us grow closer to the Lord. We need to look back, realize that we were acting dumbly, and forgive ourselves." (heres the important part) "We must always take the imperfections we have and give them to the Lord. And then he will show us what to do next." 

Friends, I used to think repentance was scary. I didnt like the thought of talking to my bishop, it made me uncomfortable. But I have learned for myself. The Lord is waiting with open arms, all we need to do is go to him. Repentance is nothing to be embarrased about. It helps us come to Christ.

Sorry for the long email! There is just so much I would like to share!! I miss you all, and love the emails. Also send me pictures!!
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. fun thing that Presidente Suazte shared with me. He said "Elder, I can feel the power you have been blessed with. And I can feel what your future holds. You will have the opportunity to serve in many different leadership positions throughout your mission. And you will use this experience to bless others." If you follow promptings, you will be blessed, and in turn, you will bless others. I never would have learned allllllll of this had I not talked to him. The Lord loves you, and know how to use you. Let him. I LOVE YOU ALL, but more importantly, God loves you.

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