Monday, November 30, 2015

From Elder Bernal about Scoubes

Elder Scoubes, it's a good missionery, he worked hard everytime and is more easy to help and teach to be a good missionary, I promise that I going to help Elder Scoubes to be a excellet missionary and will be easy cause he is dilgent and so obedient. 

Sorry for my english haha, Her son help me to be better.

You are welcome Elder Bernal!!!  Yo se que nueatro Padre Celestial sabia qual misionero seria lo mejor para ayudar a mi hijo.  Es usted.  Le doy toda la gracia posible.  Usted tiene un lugar en mi corazon por ser amigo de mi hijo.  Gracias por ser misionero y dar dos anos al Evanjelio para compartir loque usted sabe es verdad.  Perdon los errores, me imajino que hay muchas.  Usted ya  es parte de me familia.  Tiene razon,  Trevor sabe trabaja bien y es muy obidiente.  Que ustedes quedar a salvo.

 Mom and Son letters
From Mom: I am excited to hear from you today.  Tell us how the language is going?  Are you understanding yet. I know this is hard but you must understand that these current difficulties and challenges you are facing with bless the rest of your life. When you come home you will be Mexican.  Even though we miss you so much I wouldn't change one thing about your experiences as you are learning so much about life right now.  So much about humility, kindness, empathy, courage, hard work, service, selflessness, and so much about the gospel.  I am so happy for you. It was such a treat to get another text with a photo of you.  Who took it and where were your companions?    Love mom

From Trevor:
MOM!!  The language is going so well!. I can teach all the lessons and speak with fluency! But I can’t understand very well. I’m definitely glad that I have all Latino companions! 

It really is crazy how much I have learned out here. I have learned that fighting about little things really doesn’t matter. I have definitely learned patience. I have learned that this life really is a test. A SHORT test. And it is so important that we give up the non important worldly things to further the work. I even had a though about giving up The Office the other day! haha i have no idea where that came from. I still need to think about that one ;) But really, in these few months, my life has been changed. I will come home better. Not different in personality or anything like that, but with a testimony that I always needed. I literally am not focused on learning for myself. If I have a trial, the thought is "what can I learn or how this can help my family?" Mom, I want nothing more than for our family to be together in Exaltation after this life. And I am going to do everything that I can to help get us there. 

Thank you for your example Mom. You and dad are the most selfless people I know. I now understand that you and Dad have always had the understanding that I am beginning to have. Thank you for everything that you have taught me. 

I miss you! I pray for you each individually every single day. I hope everything is well for everyone back home. Haha, it’s nice to have all these Americans here for the open house. Tons of photos and talking and UNDERSTANDING. All is well here. 

Tell me more about you. I want to hear what you are thinking, how you feel about things, and how you are doing. I miss you Mom. I love you!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

From Mom:  Well Grandmother just walked in bearing gifts for Christmas.  Isn't that nice!  I am getting better.  This is all I have ever wanted for my children. Yeah, more videos to watch.  you are really doing will sending out photos and video for us.  We all live for them.
I wish all my children would go on missions just so they could come to the knowledge as you have that all daddy and I have ever wanted for you 4 is to know your Heavenly Father and to find your ways back to Him.  You are learning sooooo much. That will be with your forever. Thanks for the kind words.  I live for them.  It makes everything worth it.  It makes the hole in my heart not so heavy.  You are really giving good advice to your sisters.  
jess just walked in.  We miss you tons son but are soooooo happy in your choice to serve a mission. i have decided that your mission in Tijuana requires a missionary who will be 100 percent obedient and faithful: that is you.  I know it is dangerous there but because of your obedience you will be protected.

From Trevor: 100 percent is the most important thing! Same for home. Tell jess this: obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience, brings miracles. haha and that i love and miss herI have to go to. I love you mom. This time really is so short. I miss you! Love you guys. 

Visit the Temples as often as possible

Hey all! I am alive!! And doing so well. We have our first baptism coming up this week! And I have been asked to do the baptizing!! Im super excited for that. Not a lot of time to write today, just an experience!

For the past two weeks we have had the open house for the temple and have gotten to take a lot of investigators! It has been so nice. This last sunday, all the Elders surrounding the areas of the temple got a text to meet at the temple at 11:30 Sunday morning. No one knew why. So, we all met there.When we arrived President talked about how proud he was of all of us and our work. Then, we got such a cool opportunity. We get to go through the temple open house, (this is after it had closed), and see everything just the Elders of the Mission!! We got to see all the rooms, and take a lot of time. It was such a spiritual experience. 

Encourage everyone to go to the temple more often. 

Last quick thought, this of how long this life is. Not long right? Imagine a rope that extends for eternity in both directions. Then, take a thread from that rope and wrap it around the middle. That thread represents our life here. This really is such a short time to learn and be tested. It is so important that we do all we can to follow the example of the Savior. 

I love you all!!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

Picture from week 11 received nov 30 2015

This lovely family gave Trevor a cake for his birthday.  It came with a funny video but it is too long to post.  Bummer.  In the video the family tells him "to bite right into it"  the problem is he doesn't up to that point know the word for "bite".  So they have to mimic what they want him to do.  It is funny as he is sure they must be kidding but no.  According to them when elder Scoubes asks why do you want me to put my face in this cake:  they respond.... because we are Mexicans and thats what we do!  He does in the end.  it is funny.

From mom to Trevor:  your video bitting your cake was funny.  did you get that they were telling you to bit into the cake?

From Trevor to mom:  haha i didn't really understand what they were saying... i just didn't know the work for bite. And I though they were joking.  Soo nice to open the Christmas box from you yesterday. Haha, we were absolutely happy for the candy. 

I made this tree with the help of Sarah Brown who made one for her son.  I was working on it last monday and there it is already hung up in their home in Mexico.  I also made two Christmas stocking and filled them with socks, gloves, candy and pictures of Christ.  Elder Bernal sent me a thank you! that was so sweet.

In this picture is Elder Bernal in the middle and on his left the Elder who trained him and on the right Elder Scoubes who he is training.  Lovely!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bonus contact

We just got a random text Friday 11/27/2015 from a nice lady who lives in Utah who just met Trevor at the Tijuana Temple.  She said he is a wonderful young man.  Oh these bonus contact are really wonderful!!!!  This is the second one we have received.  I bet once the temple open house is over we wont see them anymore.  Look at his smile.  It has been awhile since I have seen such a beautiful smile on him.  I am one proud momma!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Satan is trying to tempt me.... But I'm NOT gonna do it :)

This Kid is so FUNNY!!!

Don't worry about me, I'm doing good!

WE sang Happy Birthday to him and we gave us a short video back.  Elder Scoubes is doing awesome.  I know he is happy to serve the Lord. He is STRONG in his testimony and can do hard things.  I think if he had attended college at least a little before his mission he wouldn't have been hit so hard with the shock of leaving home for the first time and finding himself surrounded by a different culture with language barriers.  That being said I think he will be Mexican in heart, mind and spirit when he returns.  I am forever grateful for his companion who is taking him through this transition from privileged Utah child to humbled Mexican Missionary Man.  Quite the transition to make! I believe his Comp is there because the Lord knew which Elder would be the best trainer for Trevor.  I am thankful for that companionship.    Trevor is blessed because of his efforts and willing heart.  I have heard from a friend in the mission that Trevor is doing EXCELLENT and that much is said by others about how well he is doing with Spanish and how well he knows the Gospel. (I don't think Trevor knows this because up to now he hasn't understood what they are saying.  Haha!)  I want to thank everyone for helping us to raise a Trevor.  So many people have touched his life.  We are surrounded by a community of friends and family who have inspired him.

looks like serious study time/shady electrical

Just an example of how different life in Tijuana is to life in the States

Conversations between Trevor and Mom

 I'm at Sarah’s making your xmas gift. I'm sewing. Daddy and I loved the photo of you at church. Anytime you see an American ask them to take a photo of you and comp and to text it to us when they are back in states. I love you. I am sending your Christmas Box down with two missionaries who are returning to do the temple open house. They are leaving tomorrow and will be in Tijuana within 2 days. So you will have 2 boxes at the Mission home after that one is just your Christmas Box and the other is for you and your companion. Nothing is wrapped inside the boxes in case customs has an issue with them

Thank you! Its been fun, people at the temple come to me (cause i am obviously an american) and ask where they can give the packages they have brought for other elders. haha now I have some! Question. Do i have to wait till Christmas?!?!?!
You guys are the best! ps. sadly i cant hear the videos on drop box, but that's okay! just keep sending them! 

 Ahh. i miss my childhood. that was one of the hardest things to leave. Be are so blessed. The people here have nothing. I miss just you dad me amber jess and ash. All a young family. Amber has a family, ill come back at 20 yrs old, jess is in high school, and ash is almost a teen. Its crazy how time flys. I miss you mom. I miss going to the store, or you helping me at the doctor cause I was afraid to go alone. I absolutely cling to those last memories of us doing all my mission shopping. i miss you mom. thanks for being the best mom in the world. I love you. 
(Hahaha (from mom) ps I would like to insert reality here.  The entire shopping trips he was like “ we have 5 minutes whatever we have we have, whatever we don’t we don’t.  Lets just get in and out and be done  He hates shopping.  But isn’t it nice that he doesn’t remember it that way J and I was at Costco when I was reading this.  It stopped me short.  There may have been tears of joy involved.)

yes, there are plenty of people to write. haha everyone else gets small things, the big ones go to the family! don't worry about the sound. these computers need headphones, but i'm not allowed to use headphones. So its okay! i miss them too... this is really hard. no one has as cool of a family as we do.  (mom again… what! This comment makes it all worth it.  All the FFF forced family fun.) 'Im always thinking of you guys!, how are you and dad? I hear about the girls lives and all, but I don't hear about you and dad! How are you? Let me know! I miss you Mom. Love you!

con amor, Elder Scoubes

I tried to speak an answer to you at Costco. But I get all choked up. It is really hard it's like I've lost a child. But at the same time the best time of my life. It's a sadness overlaid with everlasting joy. I cry all the time with mixed emotions but at the same time feel so connected with the spirit. Do I walk the walk or talk the talk?  Do i sit back and watch while Heavenly Father sent His Son or am I willing to send mine. It's time to live the gospel. It's a super super wonderful time.

This mission really is blessing so many lives. One of the biggest reasons I am out here is because i know that it blesses the most important people in my life. My family. haha,! Nope don't need anything. How do I know which is for both of us (the packages)?

That's the same thing I think about when I spend all that time doing Relief Society stuff. And attending the temple. I do it for the people I'm serving but I also do it because I know how much my family will be blessed by


hahaha, i miss you and love you mom!

tamales and hot chocolate

Sorry dont have no time today! I am alive and well! We have 7 people preparing for baptism and I get to do the first on the 5th of December! fyi last week was 2 months! Time really is going fast. 

Quick experience.

This last week, I had a really hard day. Just missed home. And I was pleading to Heavenly Father for help because there was no way I could do it on my own. We stopped at a place to buy two tamales, because we were hungry and a little cold. As we were paying, a man stopped us, paid for us, and bought us two extra for later and some hot chocolate to go with it. 

I walked away from that man with tears rolling down my face (the tamales were really salty ;)) This is a short experience, but let me testify of this. Heavenly Father hears every prayer. Every single one. If you need to talk to someone, he is right there, and he is waiting to answer and send help. 

I love the people here. And it helps motivate me to work hard. Miss everyone at home!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bye Bye homesickness- yeah!

Hey all! dont have much time, Ill to keep it short. 

Awesome week! The Spanish continues to come! I have these awesome little moments when I can speak without having to think about it! But I always have to think when trying to understand... haha. yeah that's a different story.

Some fun things to share! I gave a talk in church!! Its great. These people know that my Spanish is iffy at best, so they are nice to me. I got up there, and said, "Hello my name is Elder Scoubes, and I have been in the field for.. hmm..10? 11? yup tomorrow is 11 days in the field." they all though that I was going to say months so that was funny. 

Also I gave a blessing in Spanish!! haha ahh. yeah. If I hadn't been led by the spirit before that, It definitely happened then. It was awesome! 

We have problems with people coming to church. A lot of people don't have cars, and its too far to walk, so we have to take the bus. in Mexico, there is a rule that investigators need to attend church for 4 weeks before they can be baptized. So we are working on that!!

Time to level. These past three weeks have been the worst weeks of my life. Along with the tons of learning, this has been soo hard. I have been homesick, frustrated with the language, at times frustrated with my comp., yeah it has been so hard. But, after fasting to feel the love for these people and many prayers, IT CAME. 

I no longer have homesickness. 

When my intentions were pure, Heavenly Father blessed me. I know it will be 2 years, but now I feel like I can do it. And it feels so good. 

One thing to learn this week: be obedient. The actual rule is not what is important. If you show Heavenly Father that you are humble enough to follow rules, He will bless you. And that is much more important than proving that the rule doesn't matter. 

Quick testimony in Spanish for yall! 

Yo se que nuestro padre celestial nos ama. Y tambien yo se que si nosotros guardemos los mandamientos, podemos recibir las bendiciones del cielo. (heaven, also means ceiling)

I love you all!!
con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. Apparently missionaries are likened to mailmen out here.
p.p.s. I can eat more now!! At one meal, I had a plate of spaghetti, a salad, hot wings, and then I was still a little hungry. so I ate 6 pieces of pizza. This is awesome.

Trevor getting a strike while Bowling

Elder Brock Brown and Elder Scoubes with their companions.  It looks like Elder Scoubes is working the temple open house.  Oh I hope so.  Trevor and I worked together on the Payson Temple Open House.  Two open housed in 6 months.  What a gift.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Tijuana temple at night

Look there he is! A moms treat

Hey moms! Got a couple of pictures finally! I recognized some faces! Elder ScoubesBrownWeckesser!   ( this was on facebook from one of the other moms.  It is a bonus treat for me!)

Language frustrations

He looks discouraged here to me.  It is Jessica's 16th birthday and I know he is feeling pains at missing these types of events at home.  I know he misses all of us and is a little home sick.  I think that is compoundedby the language barrier.   It will come and we will see a smile again.  It is such an amazing privilege to learn a second language like this.  In true Immersion.  But it is really really hard and can feel very isolating.  I can imagine some tender frustrations feeling cut off from communication.  I am so humbled to see the personal growth in Trevor.  He is becoming all I knew he could and would become.  The language is a stepping stone to cross and one day he will look back and realize he has hurdled over it and it is in his way no more.   Keep going as you are Trevor.  You are exactly where and as you should be.  I can't even begin to guess how much mastering Spanish will effect your future.  You and so many others will be blessed through your service and willingness to give 2 years of your precious time to them and the Lord. We miss you at home but want you exactly where you are now.  Lose yourself there and this too shall pass.
ps.  clean your mirrors and keep sending photos!!!!!!

11/9/2015 Las Villas Reaching out to less actives

From mom 11/9/15

Wow another week.  I was thinking about you as I was sitting in church yesterday.  We had a lesson on reaching out to those less active or inactive.  the spirit was really  strong and I was thinking that even though you were in a different culture and probably still feeling pretty lost with the language you were probably feeling the same spirit I was feeling.  You get to see that the structure of the gospel is still the same even when you leave the US.   
Tell us about what a typical day is like.  tell us about the people you are meeting 

From Trevor

That is crazy! This same week when we were having ward council, the topic that we decided we were going to focus on, as missionaries, was less actives. It is so amazing to see how the Church is the same, no matter what country you are in. I know that Jess is excited. The hardest part of this mission is being away from everyone. I made Jess a little happy birthday vid (10 seconds). Ill put it on dropbox. I hate how I have to be away during this crucial time in her life. 16 and 17. My trainer is great! He helps me with the Spanish a ton. Its just hard because when I am frustrated I cant talk to him because I cant express what I want in Spanish. Many many prayers have been said begging to feel the Saviors love. And I always receive the help I need.

All is well here! The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days. and the months feel like weeks. Haha i don't know this is crazy. Typical day in the life of Elder Scoubes:

6:30 - alarm goes off. I roll out of bed and say my prayers. I roll in to the bathroom and potentially sleep for another 5ish minutes. We then proceed to exercise. All we can do is cross-fit stuff. I basically just do a bunch of push ups and core stuff. all while we watch "the district" on this little movie player. I have it memorized haha.

8:00 - Personal study! My favorite part of the day. I get to read whatever I want, and I can receive my own personal inspiration. (i would highly highly highly recommend adding this to your day)

9:00 - Companionship study. This usually consists of my companion teaching me a part of the lessons, and then expecting me to relay it all back to him perfectly. I have broke down a few times during this part. When people said a mission is hard, I did not pay as much attention to this as I should've. This is HARD. But It help me grow!

10:00 - Language study. Consists of me walking around while reviewing 1,000 flashcards I make in the CCM.

11:00 - Tracking and lessons! We go to all of our lessons throughout the day. and when we don't have a lesson, a hobby of my companion is throwing my under the bus. He likes to tap on the gate of a house (how you have to knock) and then leaving and make me try to set something up. So far I am at 0/321016054.2 attempts. probably cause they cant understand me. 

2:00 - Comida! here, they don't have lunch. They have what is called comida. Translation - food. Every day we eat comida with a member. Holy if i will miss something about Mexico, it is the food. OOOOOH. so good.

3:00 - Tracking and lessons. Okay, they don't have noise regulations here like in the united states. ANY street we walk down, you will get a HUGE dose of completely gross authentic Mexican music blasting from every car and every house, and you will get 1,000 dogs barking. They are everywhere.

9:00 - Return to the casa and plan! Most boring part of the day. But then after planning we get to eat dinner and watch the district. This is the best part of the day.

10:30 - BEDTIME. I love this part of the day.

All is well here. Since I cant speak or understand, it leaves me with a lot of time to think about home. Yeah it sucks. But I try to focus and work hard. We need more members. People have to go to church 4 weeks in a row to be baptized.And since everyone takes the bus, no investigators will come to church when they commit to. Just keep pressing forward! Please send more pics from home! Miss everyone!
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. the people here think it is funny to drive-by "moon" the Elders. Happens more often then I would like. haha.

Monday, November 2, 2015

TRevors 1st apartment

pictures of 1st week in Tijuana

Las Villas Tijuana Mexico

From Trevor 11/2/15 Las Villas Tijuana Mexico
Hey fam. This has been the craziest week of my whole life. And very very slow. Haha, It has been a week since I have been able to understand anyone. They speak SO fast here. Its impossible. But I know that if I am obedient and work hard, the language will come. 

It has been weird teaching real people! Most of my teaching is just testifying of what he tells me to after he is done speaking. Right now, I am in an area of Tijuana called Las Villas (look it up on google). It is really different than home (duh). Our house is a broken down little thing. But it works. Only cold showers every morning!!

My favorite thing out here is the tracting and talking to people, even though they probably dont understand me. Everyone says that the first 3 months in the field are the hardest. Just have to get past that! i know itll go quick.
so yeah, this is a lot harder then I thought. dont worry, havent even considered coming home. But any extra prayers are sooo helpful. I know I have a lot of support at home. 
Nothing too crazy has happened yet since being here! Just teaching. We are teaching a family with two boys my age and a little girl. I can feel Heavenly Father's love for them when we teach them. 
I am loving my time as a missionary!

We walk probably 10 miles a day. All up hills. Haha, our neighbors are Jehovas Whitnesses. They try to convert us every day. We also get attacked by little dogs roaming the street! There are so many homeless dogs here. It makes me really sad. Im happy to hear about Halloween! Ashley's costume looked awesome! Im jealous I couldnt be there. So, I found out a dumb mission rule. I am in Mexico, and we arent allowed to play soccer!!! I have no idea why, but I will obey. I got to bear my testimony in church! When I told the congregation that I had been here for 6 days, they just laughed. Haha.

 Glad to hear about things at home!! Thank you for the dropbox!! It felt so good to see home again. I miss you all so much! Ill tell more stories next week!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

Our church leaders ask nothing of us they aren't already doing themselves

I often speak about missionary work because I love it so much. It is because I know how serving the Lord can change many lives—including your own. It was a thrill to have my own children return from their missions, but I was unprepared for the thrill it was to have my first grandchild return from her mission. (Her younger brother just passed the one-year mark on his mission.)
How proud I am of every young person who puts off individual interests to answer a call from and faithfully serve the Lord. P.S. I should make it clear that I am not allowed to greet every returning missionary with a grandfatherly hug—only my own family!