Monday, November 9, 2015

11/9/2015 Las Villas Reaching out to less actives

From mom 11/9/15

Wow another week.  I was thinking about you as I was sitting in church yesterday.  We had a lesson on reaching out to those less active or inactive.  the spirit was really  strong and I was thinking that even though you were in a different culture and probably still feeling pretty lost with the language you were probably feeling the same spirit I was feeling.  You get to see that the structure of the gospel is still the same even when you leave the US.   
Tell us about what a typical day is like.  tell us about the people you are meeting 

From Trevor

That is crazy! This same week when we were having ward council, the topic that we decided we were going to focus on, as missionaries, was less actives. It is so amazing to see how the Church is the same, no matter what country you are in. I know that Jess is excited. The hardest part of this mission is being away from everyone. I made Jess a little happy birthday vid (10 seconds). Ill put it on dropbox. I hate how I have to be away during this crucial time in her life. 16 and 17. My trainer is great! He helps me with the Spanish a ton. Its just hard because when I am frustrated I cant talk to him because I cant express what I want in Spanish. Many many prayers have been said begging to feel the Saviors love. And I always receive the help I need.

All is well here! The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days. and the months feel like weeks. Haha i don't know this is crazy. Typical day in the life of Elder Scoubes:

6:30 - alarm goes off. I roll out of bed and say my prayers. I roll in to the bathroom and potentially sleep for another 5ish minutes. We then proceed to exercise. All we can do is cross-fit stuff. I basically just do a bunch of push ups and core stuff. all while we watch "the district" on this little movie player. I have it memorized haha.

8:00 - Personal study! My favorite part of the day. I get to read whatever I want, and I can receive my own personal inspiration. (i would highly highly highly recommend adding this to your day)

9:00 - Companionship study. This usually consists of my companion teaching me a part of the lessons, and then expecting me to relay it all back to him perfectly. I have broke down a few times during this part. When people said a mission is hard, I did not pay as much attention to this as I should've. This is HARD. But It help me grow!

10:00 - Language study. Consists of me walking around while reviewing 1,000 flashcards I make in the CCM.

11:00 - Tracking and lessons! We go to all of our lessons throughout the day. and when we don't have a lesson, a hobby of my companion is throwing my under the bus. He likes to tap on the gate of a house (how you have to knock) and then leaving and make me try to set something up. So far I am at 0/321016054.2 attempts. probably cause they cant understand me. 

2:00 - Comida! here, they don't have lunch. They have what is called comida. Translation - food. Every day we eat comida with a member. Holy if i will miss something about Mexico, it is the food. OOOOOH. so good.

3:00 - Tracking and lessons. Okay, they don't have noise regulations here like in the united states. ANY street we walk down, you will get a HUGE dose of completely gross authentic Mexican music blasting from every car and every house, and you will get 1,000 dogs barking. They are everywhere.

9:00 - Return to the casa and plan! Most boring part of the day. But then after planning we get to eat dinner and watch the district. This is the best part of the day.

10:30 - BEDTIME. I love this part of the day.

All is well here. Since I cant speak or understand, it leaves me with a lot of time to think about home. Yeah it sucks. But I try to focus and work hard. We need more members. People have to go to church 4 weeks in a row to be baptized.And since everyone takes the bus, no investigators will come to church when they commit to. Just keep pressing forward! Please send more pics from home! Miss everyone!
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. the people here think it is funny to drive-by "moon" the Elders. Happens more often then I would like. haha.

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