Monday, November 30, 2015

 Mom and Son letters
From Mom: I am excited to hear from you today.  Tell us how the language is going?  Are you understanding yet. I know this is hard but you must understand that these current difficulties and challenges you are facing with bless the rest of your life. When you come home you will be Mexican.  Even though we miss you so much I wouldn't change one thing about your experiences as you are learning so much about life right now.  So much about humility, kindness, empathy, courage, hard work, service, selflessness, and so much about the gospel.  I am so happy for you. It was such a treat to get another text with a photo of you.  Who took it and where were your companions?    Love mom

From Trevor:
MOM!!  The language is going so well!. I can teach all the lessons and speak with fluency! But I can’t understand very well. I’m definitely glad that I have all Latino companions! 

It really is crazy how much I have learned out here. I have learned that fighting about little things really doesn’t matter. I have definitely learned patience. I have learned that this life really is a test. A SHORT test. And it is so important that we give up the non important worldly things to further the work. I even had a though about giving up The Office the other day! haha i have no idea where that came from. I still need to think about that one ;) But really, in these few months, my life has been changed. I will come home better. Not different in personality or anything like that, but with a testimony that I always needed. I literally am not focused on learning for myself. If I have a trial, the thought is "what can I learn or how this can help my family?" Mom, I want nothing more than for our family to be together in Exaltation after this life. And I am going to do everything that I can to help get us there. 

Thank you for your example Mom. You and dad are the most selfless people I know. I now understand that you and Dad have always had the understanding that I am beginning to have. Thank you for everything that you have taught me. 

I miss you! I pray for you each individually every single day. I hope everything is well for everyone back home. Haha, it’s nice to have all these Americans here for the open house. Tons of photos and talking and UNDERSTANDING. All is well here. 

Tell me more about you. I want to hear what you are thinking, how you feel about things, and how you are doing. I miss you Mom. I love you!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

From Mom:  Well Grandmother just walked in bearing gifts for Christmas.  Isn't that nice!  I am getting better.  This is all I have ever wanted for my children. Yeah, more videos to watch.  you are really doing will sending out photos and video for us.  We all live for them.
I wish all my children would go on missions just so they could come to the knowledge as you have that all daddy and I have ever wanted for you 4 is to know your Heavenly Father and to find your ways back to Him.  You are learning sooooo much. That will be with your forever. Thanks for the kind words.  I live for them.  It makes everything worth it.  It makes the hole in my heart not so heavy.  You are really giving good advice to your sisters.  
jess just walked in.  We miss you tons son but are soooooo happy in your choice to serve a mission. i have decided that your mission in Tijuana requires a missionary who will be 100 percent obedient and faithful: that is you.  I know it is dangerous there but because of your obedience you will be protected.

From Trevor: 100 percent is the most important thing! Same for home. Tell jess this: obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience, brings miracles. haha and that i love and miss herI have to go to. I love you mom. This time really is so short. I miss you! Love you guys. 

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