Monday, November 16, 2015

Bye Bye homesickness- yeah!

Hey all! dont have much time, Ill to keep it short. 

Awesome week! The Spanish continues to come! I have these awesome little moments when I can speak without having to think about it! But I always have to think when trying to understand... haha. yeah that's a different story.

Some fun things to share! I gave a talk in church!! Its great. These people know that my Spanish is iffy at best, so they are nice to me. I got up there, and said, "Hello my name is Elder Scoubes, and I have been in the field for.. hmm..10? 11? yup tomorrow is 11 days in the field." they all though that I was going to say months so that was funny. 

Also I gave a blessing in Spanish!! haha ahh. yeah. If I hadn't been led by the spirit before that, It definitely happened then. It was awesome! 

We have problems with people coming to church. A lot of people don't have cars, and its too far to walk, so we have to take the bus. in Mexico, there is a rule that investigators need to attend church for 4 weeks before they can be baptized. So we are working on that!!

Time to level. These past three weeks have been the worst weeks of my life. Along with the tons of learning, this has been soo hard. I have been homesick, frustrated with the language, at times frustrated with my comp., yeah it has been so hard. But, after fasting to feel the love for these people and many prayers, IT CAME. 

I no longer have homesickness. 

When my intentions were pure, Heavenly Father blessed me. I know it will be 2 years, but now I feel like I can do it. And it feels so good. 

One thing to learn this week: be obedient. The actual rule is not what is important. If you show Heavenly Father that you are humble enough to follow rules, He will bless you. And that is much more important than proving that the rule doesn't matter. 

Quick testimony in Spanish for yall! 

Yo se que nuestro padre celestial nos ama. Y tambien yo se que si nosotros guardemos los mandamientos, podemos recibir las bendiciones del cielo. (heaven, also means ceiling)

I love you all!!
con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. Apparently missionaries are likened to mailmen out here.
p.p.s. I can eat more now!! At one meal, I had a plate of spaghetti, a salad, hot wings, and then I was still a little hungry. so I ate 6 pieces of pizza. This is awesome.

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