Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Conversations between Trevor and Mom

 I'm at Sarah’s making your xmas gift. I'm sewing. Daddy and I loved the photo of you at church. Anytime you see an American ask them to take a photo of you and comp and to text it to us when they are back in states. I love you. I am sending your Christmas Box down with two missionaries who are returning to do the temple open house. They are leaving tomorrow and will be in Tijuana within 2 days. So you will have 2 boxes at the Mission home after that one is just your Christmas Box and the other is for you and your companion. Nothing is wrapped inside the boxes in case customs has an issue with them

Thank you! Its been fun, people at the temple come to me (cause i am obviously an american) and ask where they can give the packages they have brought for other elders. haha now I have some! Question. Do i have to wait till Christmas?!?!?!
You guys are the best! ps. sadly i cant hear the videos on drop box, but that's okay! just keep sending them! 

 Ahh. i miss my childhood. that was one of the hardest things to leave. Be are so blessed. The people here have nothing. I miss just you dad me amber jess and ash. All a young family. Amber has a family, ill come back at 20 yrs old, jess is in high school, and ash is almost a teen. Its crazy how time flys. I miss you mom. I miss going to the store, or you helping me at the doctor cause I was afraid to go alone. I absolutely cling to those last memories of us doing all my mission shopping. i miss you mom. thanks for being the best mom in the world. I love you. 
(Hahaha (from mom) ps I would like to insert reality here.  The entire shopping trips he was like “ we have 5 minutes whatever we have we have, whatever we don’t we don’t.  Lets just get in and out and be done  He hates shopping.  But isn’t it nice that he doesn’t remember it that way J and I was at Costco when I was reading this.  It stopped me short.  There may have been tears of joy involved.)

yes, there are plenty of people to write. haha everyone else gets small things, the big ones go to the family! don't worry about the sound. these computers need headphones, but i'm not allowed to use headphones. So its okay! i miss them too... this is really hard. no one has as cool of a family as we do.  (mom again… what! This comment makes it all worth it.  All the FFF forced family fun.) 'Im always thinking of you guys!, how are you and dad? I hear about the girls lives and all, but I don't hear about you and dad! How are you? Let me know! I miss you Mom. Love you!

con amor, Elder Scoubes

I tried to speak an answer to you at Costco. But I get all choked up. It is really hard it's like I've lost a child. But at the same time the best time of my life. It's a sadness overlaid with everlasting joy. I cry all the time with mixed emotions but at the same time feel so connected with the spirit. Do I walk the walk or talk the talk?  Do i sit back and watch while Heavenly Father sent His Son or am I willing to send mine. It's time to live the gospel. It's a super super wonderful time.

This mission really is blessing so many lives. One of the biggest reasons I am out here is because i know that it blesses the most important people in my life. My family. haha,! Nope don't need anything. How do I know which is for both of us (the packages)?

That's the same thing I think about when I spend all that time doing Relief Society stuff. And attending the temple. I do it for the people I'm serving but I also do it because I know how much my family will be blessed by


hahaha, i miss you and love you mom!

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