Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't worry about me, I'm doing good!

WE sang Happy Birthday to him and we gave us a short video back.  Elder Scoubes is doing awesome.  I know he is happy to serve the Lord. He is STRONG in his testimony and can do hard things.  I think if he had attended college at least a little before his mission he wouldn't have been hit so hard with the shock of leaving home for the first time and finding himself surrounded by a different culture with language barriers.  That being said I think he will be Mexican in heart, mind and spirit when he returns.  I am forever grateful for his companion who is taking him through this transition from privileged Utah child to humbled Mexican Missionary Man.  Quite the transition to make! I believe his Comp is there because the Lord knew which Elder would be the best trainer for Trevor.  I am thankful for that companionship.    Trevor is blessed because of his efforts and willing heart.  I have heard from a friend in the mission that Trevor is doing EXCELLENT and that much is said by others about how well he is doing with Spanish and how well he knows the Gospel. (I don't think Trevor knows this because up to now he hasn't understood what they are saying.  Haha!)  I want to thank everyone for helping us to raise a Trevor.  So many people have touched his life.  We are surrounded by a community of friends and family who have inspired him.

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