Monday, November 9, 2015

Language frustrations

He looks discouraged here to me.  It is Jessica's 16th birthday and I know he is feeling pains at missing these types of events at home.  I know he misses all of us and is a little home sick.  I think that is compoundedby the language barrier.   It will come and we will see a smile again.  It is such an amazing privilege to learn a second language like this.  In true Immersion.  But it is really really hard and can feel very isolating.  I can imagine some tender frustrations feeling cut off from communication.  I am so humbled to see the personal growth in Trevor.  He is becoming all I knew he could and would become.  The language is a stepping stone to cross and one day he will look back and realize he has hurdled over it and it is in his way no more.   Keep going as you are Trevor.  You are exactly where and as you should be.  I can't even begin to guess how much mastering Spanish will effect your future.  You and so many others will be blessed through your service and willingness to give 2 years of your precious time to them and the Lord. We miss you at home but want you exactly where you are now.  Lose yourself there and this too shall pass.
ps.  clean your mirrors and keep sending photos!!!!!!

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