Monday, November 30, 2015

Picture from week 11 received nov 30 2015

This lovely family gave Trevor a cake for his birthday.  It came with a funny video but it is too long to post.  Bummer.  In the video the family tells him "to bite right into it"  the problem is he doesn't up to that point know the word for "bite".  So they have to mimic what they want him to do.  It is funny as he is sure they must be kidding but no.  According to them when elder Scoubes asks why do you want me to put my face in this cake:  they respond.... because we are Mexicans and thats what we do!  He does in the end.  it is funny.

From mom to Trevor:  your video bitting your cake was funny.  did you get that they were telling you to bit into the cake?

From Trevor to mom:  haha i didn't really understand what they were saying... i just didn't know the work for bite. And I though they were joking.  Soo nice to open the Christmas box from you yesterday. Haha, we were absolutely happy for the candy. 

I made this tree with the help of Sarah Brown who made one for her son.  I was working on it last monday and there it is already hung up in their home in Mexico.  I also made two Christmas stocking and filled them with socks, gloves, candy and pictures of Christ.  Elder Bernal sent me a thank you! that was so sweet.

In this picture is Elder Bernal in the middle and on his left the Elder who trained him and on the right Elder Scoubes who he is training.  Lovely!

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