Tuesday, November 24, 2015

tamales and hot chocolate

Sorry dont have no time today! I am alive and well! We have 7 people preparing for baptism and I get to do the first on the 5th of December! fyi last week was 2 months! Time really is going fast. 

Quick experience.

This last week, I had a really hard day. Just missed home. And I was pleading to Heavenly Father for help because there was no way I could do it on my own. We stopped at a place to buy two tamales, because we were hungry and a little cold. As we were paying, a man stopped us, paid for us, and bought us two extra for later and some hot chocolate to go with it. 

I walked away from that man with tears rolling down my face (the tamales were really salty ;)) This is a short experience, but let me testify of this. Heavenly Father hears every prayer. Every single one. If you need to talk to someone, he is right there, and he is waiting to answer and send help. 

I love the people here. And it helps motivate me to work hard. Miss everyone at home!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

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