Monday, December 14, 2015

Go watch "the atonment and missionary work"

orry, dont have a lot of time to write today! 

Simply, I encourage each of you to do one thing this week. Go watch the video, "the Atonement and missionary work". It should be on youtube or the lds page. i have never seen something that has inspired me more than that has. 

Keep doing the daily's! Orar, Leer las escrituras, y Asistir la Iglesia. You will recieve nothing but blessings. I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Merry almost Christmas!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. if you could all email and say merry christmas that would be awesome. companion heckling leasons learned from teh amazing Joe Whiting.
Elder Trevor Scoubes and Elder Kelson at the Tijuana temple cultural celebration.  

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