Monday, January 25, 2016

A long week

Hellloo. Did I ever think this day would come? Nope. What day is it?!

Nothing. Just the end of the week. 

That took forever.

As you can tell, that was the longest week that I have had in the mission. Why? Who knows! Not me.

We had lots of work this week. Lots of references, and no time to spare.

"So, great week, right?" you might ask. And that is what I would think! Sadly, a lot of work, with no success. These are the lowest numbers we have had. Bleh. Life. Boo. 

I have always heard that there would be weeks like these in the mission, but it actually came!

Now I would like you to see something. Contrary to popular belief, good things do come from hard times like these. This has been the hardest week, and because of that, I have recieved and answer to my prayers.
I have been praying for humility. Pure humility.
Was I expecting a flash of smoke, and BOOM, I was humble? Maybe. 
But that's not the point. 

I have learned two things this week. (Well, lots of things, but two for now.)

1 - Be careful what you ask for, because you can't control how you will recieve it.

     I recieved the answer of asking for humility. In the form of the hardest week I have had. And you know what? I have been humbled. And know that the Lord is the only one who makes the work function. It doesnt matter how much I want it to work. If we don't have him, It just doesnt work.

2 - Be prepared to act on your answer. 

     One thing that we teach about is verdadera intencion. (real intent). Real intent means, we WILL act on the answer that we recieve. If we ask a question, but aren't really willing to do anything with the answer, what is the point of answering the question?!

Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas, simply, I would ask that we have the faith to ASK, and then ACT. And if we do that, We can do whatever our Father in Heaven needs of us. 

I love you all! And if you don't love me?! Well, you recieve my e-mails so that's got to mean something.

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

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