Monday, January 4, 2016

Do I truly love God?

What an opportunity to be a missionary for a full, complete year. Im sure it will be amazing. 

I am alive and well!! We have transferes coming up this next week so... holluh. No more training. 
The language is good! This week, my companion has put me in charge of everything. He is basically not going to talk all week. I have to run the lessons, talk to the Obispo (bishop), and all that jazz. Exciting!

I had the opportunity to teach a special family this week. And i would like to share a little about it with you. 

This family lives in a trailer home. With space inside for 4 people. There are 12 people living there. But, as we can learn from the Book of Mormon, this helped these people to be humble. We extended the invitation to go to church, and they greatfully accepted. (it also helped that our church is now at 3 and not 8am). We were talking with one of them, Esteban. He said that he wants to know everything there is to learn about God. He just had no idea where to go. 

Brothers and sisters, that right there is a perfect example of the scriptures. They say that people simply dont have the truth because they know not where to find it. 

This man, Esteban, has the most desire to follow Christ I have ever seen. It made me think. Do I truly love God and Jesus Christ?

I would ask you to ask yourself this question. 

If you answered yes, be prepared to do something about it. 

Jesus Christ said to his apostle Peter, "Peter, do you love me?" 
To which Peter replied, "Lord, thou knowest that I love thee."
Jesus then replied, "Then feed my sheep."

If you are willing to say that you love God and Jesus Christ, do something about it. 
There are people everywhere around us. JUST EXTEND THE INVITATION. 

These people are in the pool of life, and have no idea how to swim. Be a lifeguard!! Help!!

We have something they need.

So, my dear friends, if you are willing to say you truly love God and Jesus Christ, you better be willing to love His work. Bring souls back to Him. 

I love you all!!!! I hope that you will have such a great year! 
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

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