Monday, February 8, 2016

hello feb 8 2016

Hello from Tijana, Mexico! 

Yes, I am still out here if you have forgotten about me. 

Great week, with great trials. 

This has been a good week! I got to go on intercambios (exchanges) twice this week!

The first was with one of the ZL's, named Elder Segoviano. Hah. Oh boy.
We had a good day with lot's of lessons, lot's of walking, lot's of spanish, lot's of tacos, the usual.
It then was 9:00, and we had to go to the house. And what happened? Elder Segoviano decides to leave the keys inside his house. We then, with the help of the neighbors, spend the next 3 hours trying to break into every single window, door, and wall of the house. With no success. 
What did we end up doing?! 
We litterally just had to use a skrewdriver and pry the front door until it busted. 
Ya! Go missionaries!

The second I went with Elder Brown! We always make jokes about how feo his area is, because really it is ugly. But after a day up there, I love it. We had lot's of success, including success in losing one of my nametags. One of the sacred MTC nametags! We searched, and searched, and searched, and taught, and searched, and contacted, and searched, and ate spaghetti, and searched. With no luck on the searching part. Sadly, the tag, was gone. 
"No! Not the nametag!" You might be thinking. Hah, me too. 

Pues, ni modo. (well, oh well)

This was a good week. We haven't had a lot of success, but that has taught me something.

Diligencia (diligence)

When we do our work and our part, the Lord always does his. 
We have been working hard on finding people to teach, contacting, and all that.
I haven't seen all of the blessings yet, but I KNOW they will come.

One thing we teach people is that, the Lord doesn't work as a "If you do this, ill do this."
It is a "Lord, Im going to try my best to do this, and I know if i do my part, you will do yours.""

The Lord never faults. We are the ones that do. So, keep in mind, if something doesn't work out. 
Who needs to change? Yup. Us.

I love everyone! I hope you have a great week filled with magic and adventure!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

p.s. sadly, the boss put a new rule. We can't email friends consistently. only every few weeks. 

I would love you all to continue writing me! Just know Itll take me a few weeks to get back to you :/ :P  pues ni modo

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