Friday, February 19, 2016

What a week. 

Okay, let's talk.

The mission is a wonderful thing. I am almost fluent in Spanish, I am gaining valuble habbits, I am making friends for a lifetime. 

"So, Elder Scoubes, what's the problem?"

Well, nothing. Just hard. With little success.

Friends and Family, I haven't clearly seen the fruits of our last 9 weeks of labor. But, I assure you, I know they are there. Heavenly Father has something special planned.

I know that, if I am serving "with full purpose of heart" (mosiah something haha sorry), the Lord with make my efforts work.

As missionaries and members, we are merely instruments in the hands of the Lord.
We have to put in the work, but really, we can't do anything unless the Lord is right behind us. 

I know that, if we work hard, and do our best, the Lord will make our insignificant efforts work.

I have some homework for you all. I would like you to study Chapter 32 of Alma, and write a litttle paper about what you learn. Then, use what you learn to teach and help someone else. 

I hope all is well!

I love you all!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes


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