Monday, March 21, 2016

Mi nombro es Elder Scoubes. Soy de Utah. Sabe donde esta eso? No? Pues... sabe donde esta Las Vegas? Si? Si. Cerca de eso.
I had to work 6 months for that. Oh yeah...
yay. go me. 
wow... that was really fast. to think that 1/4 of the mission is gone. Wow. ee ahh wow.
All was good this week! We had little success, but were getting there. Remember. Diligence is the CONSTANT work that we are willing to do. After that work, we reap the rewards. 
This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple. well my companion went, but i was able to be in the gardens for a few hours. that was amazing. The things that i learned?
What makes us good missionaries? The people we baptize? the number of hours we teach? the number of doors we knock? no. What makes a good missionary is a person who learns something, and then applies it to make themselves better. 
We learn from Elder D. Todd Christopherson that: "If we are to meet the Lord's high expectations, there is one attribute that we must apply to our lives. Being willing to accept, and even seek, corrections." 
If the Lord is merciful enough to teach us a principle, who are we to not do something with that?
Apply what you learn. it is the only way that we can get better.
I hope you all are happy! I am happy.
From Las Villas in Tijuana, Mexico.

con amor, Elder Scoubes

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