Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Video of missionaries coming home

 I gotta get off face book.  I can barley see.  I noticed its the moms who are exploding with emotion when they see their child again for the first time after 2 years.   I was thinking about this.  I don't think I could justly explain what it is like to birth a baby through so much pain only to love and care for his(or her) every need for 19 years.  To providing all his food,shelter, clothes, comforts, and council.  To go with him through every step of  his childhood life, to talk out all his options with him whether its "should I join the soccer team" or "what school should I attend" or "what do you think of so and so".  To know he needs you so desperately.    I knew and prayed the day would come when Trevor would decided to serve a mission.  This day still bring sooooo much joy.  From decision, to paperwork, to watching the mail box, to the announcement, to the preparing and packing, to the airport goodbyes.  These are such tender and amazing experiences so full of love and pure joy.  That being said the moment he walked through airport security turned around and waved goodbye to us, it was over.  His childhood with us is complete.  It will always be ours to remember forever.  It is a very real  shock to the heart to have your child removed  from your daily life. The next two years belong to The Lord.  These are Trevor's memories exclusively that he is wonderful enough to share with us through Pday communication.  Missionary Moms all around the world hang onto every Monday.  Proof of life, I have heard it called.  Letters and pictures showing him moving successfully through life in Mexico serving the Lord. Learning and transferring from boy to man.  Evidence of happiness and struggles.  Most important, proof of an ever growing testimony.  Even though separate from her child a mother continues to go through all this with her child. Every up  and every down. We feel from here when they are discouraged or sick.  We hurt with them through every trial.  We celebrate every accomplishment.  For two years we cling emotionally to them because that is all we have.  Unless you count wondering periodically through their empty rooms to to feel close to them.  I think that is why a mother is bursting with emotion when she sees him again in the airport.  I imagine that day often and can not wait. Ill try not to explode when it is my turn to see my child running towardss me but I can't promise anything.  I am bursting with emotion now and I am just think about it.  We still have 1 1/2 years.  Trevor told me one of the main reasons he chose to serve a mission was because he had faith that it would bless the people he loves most.  He was correct.  We are very blessed.

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