Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Elder Cruz to our lives

After a wonderful, hard, a v,asbvasgbsdg bnas, 6 months in Las Villas, I HAVE LEFT.
Yes, it has been six months since i left the ccm.
Where am I? Who am i with?
I am now in an area named Agua Caliente. I am still in Tijuana. 
My new companion is Elder Cruz! Elder Cruz is from Oaxaca, MX. And he is a little farther in the mission than I am. Actually, he only has two transferes left. Yeesh.
My new area is full of hills. Everywhere we go, we go straight up, or straight down. Nice, right?
Any of you who are looking for a get-skinny-quick program, I invite you to visit me. Well, not visit me. That is against the rules. But we can return to this area if you would like. 
I it actually really cool. I can see basically all of Tijuana from my house.
Cool short experience:
We contacted a man, and told him we were Representatives of Jesus Christ. 
He then, like most people, proceeded to tell us about how we were wrong and all that the Bible really says. then, it came. A prompting.A thought."Ask him if he has ever wanted to quit smoking," it told me. 
and with all the courage i could muster... i asked. "Well of course!" He exlaimed. Then, realizing there is no way i should know that, asked me how i knew. I told him that, as we had explained, we were Representatives of Jesucristo, and we were there to help him with that. Sadly, he still rejected us. 
But what can we learn?!
The spirit is always ready. It is us, that sometimes arent ready to recieve revelation. If we are listening, it will come. 
I will give you all more updates next week! 

love you all! Con amor, Elder Scoubes

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