Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cement service project June 6 2016

My weekly letter to the mission Pres:

esta semana se fue tan rapido! Pero es bueno, me ayuda a saber que estoy trabajando! estoy muy emocionado para Alejandra y su familia. Se van a bautizar en 2 semanas! Pero, he aprendido algo de eso. Aunque nos esforzamos para ensenar claro y todo, realmente se que ellos estan asistiendo y leyendo porque se puedan sentir el espiritu santo cuando lo hagan. Me ayuda a entender que el espiritu es lo mas importante. Que no podemos hacer nuestro trabajo sin ello. Muchas gracias por todo Presidente! Saludos a su esposa!

(this week went soo fast! but it's good, it helps me to know that i am working! Im super excited for Alejandra and her family! they are going to get baptized in 2 weeks. But, i have learned something from that. Even though we work hard to teach simply and everything, i know that they are going to church and reading the scriptures because they can feel the spirit when they do it. It helps me to understand how the Spirit is the most important. That we can not do our work with out it. Thank you for everything President!)

I would just like that we could all think for a moment on the impact of the Holy Ghost in our lives. 

Can we honestly feel it?
Do we act on what it tells us?
What are we doing to obtain it?

These questions help us to think. 

If there are things we need to change... the answer is simple. Just do it. 

Pray for strength. Heavenly Father wants to help. 

I love you all. 

Con mucho amor, Elder Scoubes

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