Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

Short and sweet message from Trevor this week (June 20 2016)

This week was great. Cause....
WE BAPTIZED THE MOM AND HER DAUGHTER. I got to baptize them both. 
Yup, all of that work is so worth it. 
The mission is just the best thing ever. And it is going just too fast. 

I miss the temple. I just want to go. But we have to baptize 4 in one month. I’m going to do it! Just not now. Mas adelante.  We are sooooooooooo blessed to have 3 temples within 20 mins of our house. Before the Tijuana Temple, the people had to cross the border for San Diego, and if they didn’t have a passport, its like 15 hours to hermosillo temple. That’s a bummer. 

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