Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trevor's comp Elder Winsor Sept. 19, 2016

This week was pretty good.  We started out on tuesday going on divisions with Elder Kelson and Elder Torres. Then, Wednesday Elder Pino, from the area seventy presidency came, and we had a fun talk. He talked about our calling, and how important it is that we are missionaries. Then, that night, we went over to Tijuana to get all the papers ready to renew the green card. We got a super comfy bus, and had an enjoyable night that night, able to spend time with some old friends, such as Elder Gwilliam, Elder Peck, and Elder Valdez. When we went to Tijuana, we stayed with the secretaries there. The next day, we went to get fingerprinted, and went home. It was kind of ridiculous all the time we spent travelling just to get fingerprinted, but such is the life of an american in mexico. Friday we were able to work in our sector, and got some good work done. Also, we finished 1 year!!!!!

It was super fun to be with Elder Scoubes, since we are of the same generation. We had a normal day, and that night, went out to a secluded spot, loaded our shirts up with bug spray, and lit them up! It was super cool. It was also Independence day for Mexico, so the branch had a little fiesta. Time is flying by super fast. With completing a year, the end of the mission just got a little bit more real, and it is coming up fast. I still have a year to go, but it is crazy to think that I have been gone from home for a whole year. Time sure is flying.  When you aren't a missionary, you kind of question how fast time really flies, but when you get in the mission, it is super fast! You have to take advantage of every moment. 

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