Monday, September 26, 2016

What. a. week.  

First off... 
TRANSFERES. Yup. And... 
Mi compañero se va a Tijuana con el Elder Gaspar. 
Y yo me voy a quedar con... el Elder Sanchez!

My companion is going to Tijuana with Elder Gaspar. Well, we did get transferred, and Elder Winsor went. That was the hardest goodbye i have had yet. It wasn't just always with a companion. I was always with my friend. But that's okay. We have a ton of plans to play minecraft when we get home. Yes. Minecraft. MMMMM.
And i'm going to stay here with... Elder Sanchez! 
Elder Sanchez is from Coahuila. He is 19 years old, and he is awesome. 
Suuuuper excited to work our pompis off!
This week was awesome. Highlight??
One of the councilors of the Mexico area Presidency came to visit!
Well, actually that was last week. But i forgot to tell. Srry.
We each got to shake his hand. Can i just say, I have never just seen pure love and devotion and work and the spirit looking into someone’s eyes. That was awesome. 
He talked to us about our calling as missionaries. I was able to learn so much about why i am here, and what i need to accomplish. 
This week, whilst doing my morning personal study, i received revelation. 
I was studying for a couple that are preparing for baptism, and i was thinking about how i could apply the lesson that we were going to teach directly to their lives. And then it hit me, and i understood the gospel in a way that i never had before. 
We learn that in the scriptures, like the bible, Jesus Cristo invites us to be like His Father, who is perfect.
He is always inviting us to be perfect. 
That is the point of it all. So that we can become perfect. Now, i recognize that during our lives, that is something that we will not achieve. But we can progress. 
I want you to realize that I received this revelation while trying to apply tithing to them. Even a commandment so simple, and we can learnobedience, patience, love, work, humility, etc. ALL OF THAT FROM JUST ONE SIMPLE COMMANDMENT.
What would we be like if we obey allllll the commandments with exactness?
We would be on the road to perfection. 
Again, I say that we will not achieve it during this life. But it should be our goal. Perfection. Christ like. 
And i testify that He will help us get there. Every step of the way. 
This gospel is beautiful, you are amazing. 
I love you all. 

con amor, Elder Scoubes

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