Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This week was super crazy. 
Like there was just a bunch of little things that happened throughout the week. 

so... allow me to allaborate.
(I have no idea how to spell that, and the keyboard is in spanish so no help from spell correct sos)

MONDAY Funny story is that my companion got sick. Well thats not the funny part. The funny part is that a sister offered him a tea to help his stomach. He gratefully accepted, only to find out that it was Aloe tea. Yeah, that stuff you put on a sunburn. He told me that was the worst thing ever. Oh well. At least it wasnt me. 🤗

Everything normal on tuesday. District meeting in Mexicali. 

WEDNESDAY We had the first mutual for the Branch!! There arent enough people here to have leaders for every organization. So we are teaching the young men, and doing mutual. We just taught the Word of Wisdom, and then ate pizza. Nice.
Also on wednesday, we went to visit Armando! His wife got baptized a week ago, and now he is going to get baptized this Saturday! Nice.

Thursday, normal. Woo.

FRIDAY We went to visit an hermano. He is super old, but super awesome. He just lives in a little shack. But he told us something suuper awesome. He said, ¨No doy porque me sobra. Doy porque tengo.¨ Which translates to, ¨I dont give because i have extra. I give because i have.¨ These people are amazing. 
Also, in the night we went with Armando again. And we ate dinner with them. The gave us Caldo de Rez. (beef stew) or something like that. It was awesome. There was something that i had never seen before in the stew. My companion just said, eat it and after ill tell you what it was. I ate it. 
I was chewy, and super white. It tasted goodish. IT WAS CARTILAGE FROM A KNEE. No, not a knee of a person. A cow. But it was actually pretty good. 

Saturday and Sunday also were just eh. 

But today we spent the morning at a farm! We helped a Brother move all of his Fighting Chickens to different areas. It basically consists of you jumping into a cage, and going mad man while the chicken is flying all over the place. A missionarie´s dream come true.

That was my week. And it was crazy. 

I am super having fun. And learning more and more about this thing we call life. 

I hope you are all just enjoying yours. 

con amor, Elder Scoubes

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