Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elder Scoubes spent all of his computer time writing to his sister so no group today.  I will past alittle of our conversation below.

Yes. that was the best birthday gift that could have come. there is still like one fourth of the candy left. 

boo i want to be there to decorate too. Actually my comp and i decorated our house. i think i sent a vid. well, i think its still sending. 
Everything is the same out here. We are going to get transferes in like 2 weeks. So... who knows whats going to happen. Maybe im going to leave. Ive been here longer than my companion. But one thing for sure is one of us is going to leave. 

we are just looking for more people to teach. We had a lot of success with Armando, Maribel, and Dolores. And they are all still active? Actually Maribel is now an autosuficiencia teacher, and Armando and Dolores are attending. 
I dont know how to say autosuficiencia in ingles. 

I miss you tons! I am alive and well. Im not sick. Just one thing, the mission Presidents wife told me of a medicine that i can buy and take every 15 days so that i wont get sick during the cold season. Its not refundable by the mission, so i might buy that with the card. Or pull money off for that. Idk. Just a heads up. Itll be like 100 pesos. Like 5 bucks. Woo.

The dollar is at 20 pesos here. When i arrived, it was at 15. It is going up a ton. Sad for the people here, but awesome when i get 20 bucks for my bday because that gets me 400 pesos. Nice. I could buy 3 weeks of food with that here.

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