Tuesday, December 20, 2016

pic... dec 19 2016

Nacho....... If you feel alone, speak to Jesus

 I am a Nacho Libre fan.  This video made us all laugh....

his comp: what?
T: no nothing.
C: ok.
T: I am recording with the camera.  fetch I am losing my voice...  so, yup
C: if you are feeling a lone.  Remember that you have Jesus.
T; (Nacho accent) Thank you.  Very kind...
C: speak to him
T: ok
c; he understands you
T: he understands you. hahaha

Letter and Videos-Elder Scoubes happy in Insurgentes, Tijuana


Ill have to be brief, but... where do we start. 

You all know that i am in a new area... so this week i was getting to know it. 

I feel like i learned a lot of things in Delta, and now i get to practice them. 

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday all had miracles, prayeres answered sort of thing, 


okay. I woke up on thursday with just the weirdest feeling i have ever had. That feeling, pure joy. 
I just felt HAPPY, but i mean happy. I could feel the spirit in everything i did. 
I would like to tell you of just a small experience. 

My companion and I eat lunch with the members. This day, we didnt know where the Sister lived, so we had to search her house for a super long time. This was kinda boo, cause im sick. And i lost my voice a lil bit. 
We searched forever. But after a long time, we found the ladys apartment. As we were walking up the the ladys apartment, we heard, "Elders! You got here just in time!" (translation added)

It turns out the right in the moment that this Sister was talking about the church to her friend, we showed up. We were able to contact her, and set up an appointment. 

There are actually Sister missionaries in our ward too, and the friend was in their area, so we passed them the reference. 

The best part?! WE GOT TO SEE THE FRIEND SHOW UP AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY, and we heard that the Sister missionaries put a baptismal date!  She is progressing nicely, and is going to be baptized in January!!

Hey, you that is reading this. The Lord puts you where you need to be. Just trust that.

Really, i am loving this area. And the ward is huge. Bonus?
All of the temple workers assist my ward! Do you know what that means?
The temple president assists!
Do you know who that is?


so.... thats stinkin awesome. 

I am excited to send more updates about the adventures and miracles taking place. 


REally, just enjoy life. That is how we are supposed to do it. 

I love you all!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

trevor packs to go....

pic dec 12 2016

elder scoubes dec 12

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

week 63

Well, there is little time this week. Actually it is really late. 

But this has been an interesting week. 

One awesome thing, whilst walking in the road, my companion and i saw something that caught our eye. Two framed things of Marvel. Its like a collectors thing you put on the wall. Its like a picture but the figures jump out. 
We bought them for 50 pesos. 2.5 dollars. The tag on the back, says 60 dollars each. 
Thank you lady who had no idea what you were selling, Christmas just got a little sweeter.

Other than that, short thing i would like to share with you all.

I was reading in Alma 27, the part where Aamon and the sons of Mosiah find Alma the younger. It talks about how Aamon was so overcome with joy that he basically just fainted.

I was thinking, how can we receive the same joy? Long story short, i looked up the word joy to see what i could learn. 
in spanish, the triple has something called the guide to study the scriptures. Its a little different than the index. But, like the index, you look up words, and it also tells you words related to it. 

I looked up joy, and it all just clicked. in spanish, the only words that come with Joy are Obediencia, obedece, obedecer. or in english, Obedience, obey, to obey. 


No wonder they tell us to keep the commandments and do what we know is right. There is no other way to receive such great happiness other than submitting ourselves to the will of our Creator. 

I invite you all to read that same passage! Alma 27 16-18 i think. 

we get transfers on Saturday, so ill let you all know where im at!! Love love!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elder Scoubes spent all of his computer time writing to his sister so no group today.  I will past alittle of our conversation below.

Yes. that was the best birthday gift that could have come. there is still like one fourth of the candy left. 

boo i want to be there to decorate too. Actually my comp and i decorated our house. i think i sent a vid. well, i think its still sending. 
Everything is the same out here. We are going to get transferes in like 2 weeks. So... who knows whats going to happen. Maybe im going to leave. Ive been here longer than my companion. But one thing for sure is one of us is going to leave. 

we are just looking for more people to teach. We had a lot of success with Armando, Maribel, and Dolores. And they are all still active? Actually Maribel is now an autosuficiencia teacher, and Armando and Dolores are attending. 
I dont know how to say autosuficiencia in ingles. 

I miss you tons! I am alive and well. Im not sick. Just one thing, the mission Presidents wife told me of a medicine that i can buy and take every 15 days so that i wont get sick during the cold season. Its not refundable by the mission, so i might buy that with the card. Or pull money off for that. Idk. Just a heads up. Itll be like 100 pesos. Like 5 bucks. Woo.

The dollar is at 20 pesos here. When i arrived, it was at 15. It is going up a ton. Sad for the people here, but awesome when i get 20 bucks for my bday because that gets me 400 pesos. Nice. I could buy 3 weeks of food with that here.

Monday, November 14, 2016

happy birthday Jessica! I love you

Elder Scoubes in Ciudad Guadalupe Victoria, Valle de Mexicali

Monday, November 7, 2016

this weeks vids

NOv 7 2016

We didn't hear much from Elder Scoubes this week.  There were transfers but he and his companion stayed, so no change there.  I don't know exactly where Trevor is.  He has mentioned he is about 2 hours outside of Mexicali but has also mentioned how much he enjoys being in a remote border town.  So who knows?  Here are some of the photos he sent.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct 31, 2016

today is Sunday....

Dove hunting.  The people gotta eat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

games and popped tires

I dont have any idea what happened but here we are in the middle of nowhere and now I dont have a bike.  so now we walk. oh boy!

the second video:
 is a game we have played many night during FHE.  It is good to see Trevor has passed along a Scoubes tradition.  The elder has selected something (in this case a #) the members have to guess, if you are right you get a water surprise.
This week was super crazy. 
Like there was just a bunch of little things that happened throughout the week. 

so... allow me to allaborate.
(I have no idea how to spell that, and the keyboard is in spanish so no help from spell correct sos)

MONDAY Funny story is that my companion got sick. Well thats not the funny part. The funny part is that a sister offered him a tea to help his stomach. He gratefully accepted, only to find out that it was Aloe tea. Yeah, that stuff you put on a sunburn. He told me that was the worst thing ever. Oh well. At least it wasnt me. πŸ€—

Everything normal on tuesday. District meeting in Mexicali. 

WEDNESDAY We had the first mutual for the Branch!! There arent enough people here to have leaders for every organization. So we are teaching the young men, and doing mutual. We just taught the Word of Wisdom, and then ate pizza. Nice.
Also on wednesday, we went to visit Armando! His wife got baptized a week ago, and now he is going to get baptized this Saturday! Nice.

Thursday, normal. Woo.

FRIDAY We went to visit an hermano. He is super old, but super awesome. He just lives in a little shack. But he told us something suuper awesome. He said, ¨No doy porque me sobra. Doy porque tengo.¨ Which translates to, ¨I dont give because i have extra. I give because i have.¨ These people are amazing. 
Also, in the night we went with Armando again. And we ate dinner with them. The gave us Caldo de Rez. (beef stew) or something like that. It was awesome. There was something that i had never seen before in the stew. My companion just said, eat it and after ill tell you what it was. I ate it. 
I was chewy, and super white. It tasted goodish. IT WAS CARTILAGE FROM A KNEE. No, not a knee of a person. A cow. But it was actually pretty good. 

Saturday and Sunday also were just eh. 

But today we spent the morning at a farm! We helped a Brother move all of his Fighting Chickens to different areas. It basically consists of you jumping into a cage, and going mad man while the chicken is flying all over the place. A missionarie´s dream come true.

That was my week. And it was crazy. 

I am super having fun. And learning more and more about this thing we call life. 

I hope you are all just enjoying yours. 

con amor, Elder Scoubes

Monday, October 17, 2016

Cleaning a stinky fridge

This one is on Spanish.  He is basically telling us of a recent apt with a lady who is getting baptized this sat and how happy they are about it.  She is baptizing this sat. and her husband in two weeks.  Yeah!
In this video.  He says , So what are we going to do now comp?  and comp says, We are going to clean the stinky fridge.  Why?  because Elder Kelson unplugged it a few days ago when he was visiting.... hahahahahaha

A lady with 24 kids oct 17, 2016

What a week, whare to start?
           what??   ↑↑   idk

This week feels like it went by super fast, and at the same time it feels as though it has been forever since the last Monday. So what on earth happened in that time?

Lunes, well not really anything. 

Martes, We went out to Mexicali again for a meeting with President GarcΓ­a. Can i just say, that when i say that i have the best mission president, it isnt a lie. It is a fact. I have never met someone who cares about the missionaries so much. There are people who just want baptisms and thats it. But he genuinely wants each of us to become disciples of Christ. So that is awesome. Anyways,the bus to go back to Delta didnt end up passing until suuper late. So we got back at about 630, just in time to teach out New Testament Bible Study class. Yeah, kinda lost that day. 

Miercoles, We saw a miracle. You have all heard about Armando and Maribel, out next baptisms. Well, they couldnt go to church on sunday, so they couldnt get baptized this week. BUT, we went to visit them on wednesday, and she said that she was not going to wait. That she was ready to get baptized. WOO. We called President, and he gave us the ALL CLEAR. 

Jueves, We had a crazy adventure. Now knowing that Maribel is going to get baptized in just a few days, we had to go to her house again! Oh yeah, she lives an hour away inb bike. We usually get rides from members, but there werent any available. So we went on bike!! I put some pics up of that. 

Viernes, With the baptism so close, we had to do exchanges! Elder Kelson came down with me, and for the third day in a row, we went to visit Maribel! And all went suuper smooth. Actually we took some awesome pics. Also put them up. 

Sabado, What do you think? Well, we spent the whole day in Mexicali. Why?? MARIBEL GOT BAPTIZED. Yup. That was awesome. We have to baptize people at the Stake in Mexicali, because there isnt a font in our little House of Prayer in Delta. After that, we treated ourselves to some Burger King ice cream. And... there may or may not have been a pro soccer game on the tv between two mexican teams. Maybe. Idek.

Domingo, Maribels confirmation. This was awesome. It super great to see how the Lord really prepares people. I have learned that the Lord is a Lord of preparation. We are where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there. And if you are looking for the miracles, they are deffinately there. Nice. 

Little bonus of the week, I met a nice lady in Mexicali with 24 kids. Nope. Not a typo. 24. 
She said when they were younger, they didnt  have tv.... soo.... umm. πŸ€—πŸ˜‡

Anyways, i love life. And you should love it too. its a pretty cool thing. 

con amor, Elder Scoubes

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct 10/16 pics

Elder Scoubes is now an English Professor

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conference weekend