Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aug 22. Fun and Heat

It has been a year since her wedding??! That is crazy. 
Where on earth did one year go?
Man, the start of school is always a fun time. Right now, i am enjoying the hottest weather i have ever experienced. Its awesome. Every day from 3 to 5 we have to go back to the house cause its too hot to be outside. 
All is normal out here. We are having more success with investigators than i have had in the past, so that's awesome!This week was nothing but laughter. Its awesome, and i'm having a ton of fun with my companion.
Yesterday at church, well, let's just say it is a little different in a pueblo. we had 50 people come. We just have a little office building to meet in, and we meet on the second floor. There is a bunch of work to do here, and it'll be an opportunity to see miracles.
Everything else is normal. We are about 2 hours outside of Mexicali. And every time we have a meeting we have to take a 2 hour busride. Woo. Last week we spent 8 hours in total on a bus. Go pueblos. 
I am alive and well! Sadly, this computer wont accept my camera, so ill have to get you the pics next week. 
I love you!!
Con amor, Elder Scoubes

Monday, August 15, 2016

hot hot and hot

This is the most hot I have ever felt in my life "fetch"

transfers transfers transfers

Monday, August 8, 2016

My letter to my son almost a year later and his response Aug 8th 2016

Dear Son,
Wow.... I can't believe how time has flown.  I remember this time last year was the beginning of multiple trips to JC Penneys, mexican consulates visits, lunches with the Browns, reading and rereading your packet for instructions, doctors appointments, and all sorts of goodbyes to your friends.  What a wonderfully busy time.  The last few weeks to help prepare you to become a missionary and an adult.  And look at you now.  Completely independent.  Wow what a wonderful time this is for all of us right now.  You are doing such good work and fulfilling an obligation you have to your Heavenly Father and we are here at home supporting you, loving you, missing you, praying for you, and receiving many blessing because of you and because of our willingness to let you go...  I know it has been hard for all of us but has been worth it.  Think of the lives Heavenly Father has been able to touch through you. Think of all the things you have learned... about the scriptures, the Gospel, the atonement, your relationship with The Savior and your Heavenly Father, about another culture and it's wonderful people, and about yourself.  I have learned a lot too.  How much I love my family and especially my son. That my son will be successful in life in whatever he chooses to do and with whomever he chooses to do it with.  I so look forward to your future family.  They will be so blessed to have you and we will love them as we love you.  Because you choose them, You know how to discern right from wrong and importance in involving the Lord in your choices.  I trust you and so does Heavenly Father.  I have learn what a good man you are.  I have learned how to live my Gospel and how much I want to return to my Heavenly Father with ALL my family members.  And oh so much about free agency, forgiveness, sacrifice, how to give up control and to trust in the Lord.  OH what growth and development you and I have experienced.  Thank you son for sharing all this with me.  I love you very much!!!

Can you even believe that that was just 1 year ago?? I cant. It feels like yesterday.
And we just have to do that 1 more time, and ill be coming home.
This really is the greatest blessing.
We all know that i have struggled with being lazy, so at the beginning, this seemed a lot more like something i HAD to do, rather then something i GET to do.
I have had the opportunity to do exactly what you said. Learn from the scriptures, learn about the atonement, the gospel, and my relationship with Heavenly Father. That especially is something that i didn't really have before. A personal relationship with Him, and it is something that i have learned to depend on.

I know that you and Dad, as parents, have the blessing to see all of the changes and things that are happening in our family. And it really is such a blessing to be here, and make those changes, to be able to help the family when i come home.
Thank you for everything Mom. You and Dad really are the best examples and friends that i could have had growing up.

I love you!!!

Con amor, Elder Scoubes

Monday, August 1, 2016

Aug 1. I pray for you I love you!


i have an announcement. 

well nothing  big, just that this computer wont accept my camera. 

so i cant send fotos... 😢

ill make up for it next week will like a lot. 

This was a great week. 

This Sunday, yesterday, an RM spoke. 
And he spoke about a world wide conference that we had as missionaries like 8 months ago. 

the conference was called, Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. 

The first thing we see, it is clear that our REPENTANCE and our CONVERSION are linked. 
That we can not do one, without the other. 

Lets look at how we gain a testimony. 

We have a principle (the word of wisdom), and in order to gain a personal testimony that it is true, we have to live it, and see the fruits that come from it for ourselves. in other words, we can not use someone elses testimony. 

With that example, we see that if we want CONVERSION, we must live REPENTANCE to see that fruits that come from it for ourselves. It is only through this way, that we can become converted. 

A wonderful Elder thta i know once told me, CONVERSION is a proccess. 

If we are willing to continually repent, and use that God given gift, we will continually become converted. 

We are here in this life, to progress. What an advantage if we are constantly becoming CONVERSION!!

I testify that the feelings we recieve from REPENTANCE are real. That we can be made clean through the blood of the one perfect example. 

I pray for all of you, and I love you. 

But more importantly, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. 

Con amor, Elder Scoubes